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Martina Parolo

This photo was taken in Göteborg last year. It had been the best trip I made so far, with the best person I thought i’d known.

I’m not with this person anymore so now every photo carries sorrow within itself and is quite a shame - but I can still find something beautiful in this image and the atmosphere that I had felt.


Ana Murillo

It is said, as it is known, that sea urchins feel the need for getting together on icy days, to share warmth and not to die. When they get too close together, the spines of the other sea urchins cause them pain. However, drawing away purports unbearable cold.
Unlike sea urchins, we not only get closer to other sea urchins, but to the cause of such freezing days. Danger and temperance keep us at a distance adequate for survival. But some times, we keep on getting closer.


Joseph Eid

The music over the ruins of Allepo, March 2017.

Anis puffed on his pipe. He seemed to be somewhere else as well. He seemed to forget that we were there. He looked out the window and he had a look on his face of a person watching a beautiful sunset. He sat there, puffing on his broken pipe and staring out the window as the music floated over the ruins of his house and the city outside.

As I snapped away with my camera, I knew the scene in front of me was special. It touched me and I had a feeling it would touch a lot of other people, too. Though I didn’t realize just how many.

It summed up so nicely Syria today. Life, hope, people so deeply attached to their homes, their country. After six years of war, the Syrians want life. They just want to let the music play.

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