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Liz-Ann Vincent-Merry, Plymouth

Taken in November 2013 at home in his bedroom.

I came to look after my father in November 2013, so that my mother could have a break from caring for him.  To keep myself busy, I set about taking photographs of him; he was a very willing model.  He obliging got into bed and shut his eyes.  He lay so still, I thought he had fallen asleep.  This photo of my father is very poignant as it is one of the last photos of him before dementia really set it; he died six months later in April 2014 in care home.

Liz-Ann’s website // instagram

Giulia Frigieri, Italy

Vasco, January 2016, Brazil.

Last winter me and Vasco, who was my boyfriend at the time, spent two months in Trancoso; an incredibly beautiful beach town in Bahia where he’s from. 

I remember it was raining. I remember hearing the mesmerising noise of a thousand heavy rain drops hitting on the roof, on the balcony, even on the grass of the garden. We were lying in bed and I was looking at Vasco.
When I looked down on my rolleiflex, I knew I was witnessing the most truthful moment of our relationship; the sweetest image of love and intimacy was coming up on that square screen and I froze it, so that it could be forever. 

I see the photo as both unique and part of a series of intimate portraits I took in Trancoso, all of them inspired by the true love of young Brazilian couples I met.

Giulia’s website//instagram

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