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James Meredew, Cornwall

I took this photograph in a very cheap hotel in Ho Chi Minh City in 2014. We checked in very early, kicked out a load of cockroaches and unpacked our stuff. Adam lit a ciggy and I noticed this kind of film noir reflection in the window. I took the photo and then pointed out his 3 tiered beer belly.


Charlie Camuglia

The photo is related to a particular memory, it’s actually from a point in time when my current partner and I were still getting together. We lived at opposite ends of the state, and frequently traveled to meet each other, either in our respective home cities or at various points between us to explore new places, as well as each other. I made this image one weekend where he had come to see me in New York City. We spent that entire day in bed flooded in window light, each other’s gazes, and delivery tacos. 


Claudia Burlotti

Eighty Five was shot in Northen Italy, August 2010, in Anna`s bedroom. I wanted to show how instinctive and strong love can still be at 85. Anna and Roberto got married in October 2004 aged 78. It’s a couple full of joy and activities for their age: they go on holiday, they drive all over the country, they pray a lot, love makes them feel younger and they still enjoy having sex.


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