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Giulia Frigieri, Italy

Vasco, January 2016, Brazil.

Last winter me and Vasco, who was my boyfriend at the time, spent two months in Trancoso; an incredibly beautiful beach town in Bahia where he’s from. 

I remember it was raining. I remember hearing the mesmerising noise of a thousand heavy rain drops hitting on the roof, on the balcony, even on the grass of the garden. We were lying in bed and I was looking at Vasco.
When I looked down on my rolleiflex, I knew I was witnessing the most truthful moment of our relationship; the sweetest image of love and intimacy was coming up on that square screen and I froze it, so that it could be forever. 

I see the photo as both unique and part of a series of intimate portraits I took in Trancoso, all of them inspired by the true love of young Brazilian couples I met.


Li Hui, China

This image was taken by my second film camera bought by my friend. It was early spring in 2009 when I invited my best friend to my place.

It was a happy accident when she was talking about something funny and kept laughing until she fell down from the bed. It always called my memory back to this year because after couple months, I moved out with my mother to a new apartment far away from her place. We rarely meet each other after that.

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